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I received my order within 3 days even though I live on the other side of the country! I couldn't be happier with the dog tags I ordered. I honestly was expecting them to be very thin and flimsy due to the low price but wow was I surprised. They are top notch quality. The embossing is flawless! I got my tags in black and they are STUNNING. If anyone is wondering whether or not to purchase from this company, do yourself a favor and DO IT. This company is the real deal in regards to everything from quality and price to shipping and customer service. Thumbs up across the board. Keep up the great work!

Thank you,
Lila, New Jersey

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Single Military Dog Tag Available Now

You can get a pair of your very own single military personalized dog tag! You can get any text you want! Just click on your favorite tag style to the right to add your custom text and to choose your free silencers. Also, don't forget, that price includes free shipping! Click here to see our shipping policies.


From its original purpose in the military, dog tags come in a pair. They were then used by individuals with two plates on a chain. Today, a single military dog tag is fast becoming popular and practical to many. A single tag with one plate is quite an advantage as it comes in more handy, yet is still trendy.

Here are some convenient advantages of having a single military dog tag:

1. Durable

A single military dog tag would be great to wear while you're out camping, hunting, fishing or any outdoor activities. Also, if you're into outdoor sports such as running, biking or hiking, owning a single military dog tag would be helpful. In such activities, easy to carry identification is a good choice. Since dog tags are waterproof and dirt proof, they will not wear out despite of such elements.

2. Handy

You may still enjoy participating in the activities that you are normally involved in while wearing your single dog tag - as it does not cause so much distraction compared to having two tags at once. Another advantage is that it is light weight, so you won't even feel any difference - almost the same as wearing nothing at all.

3. Low Maintenance

Stainless steel is made to withstand external factors such as rusting. You don't need to spend more money and more time to keep it clean and safe. Simply wiping away any mark will keep it clean.

4. Two-In-One Purpose

Apart from being able to carry important identification details, a single dog tag may also serve as a basic accessory for any kind of outfit. This works best if worn by males to make a laid-back outfit look more fashionable. Guys typically prefer the convenience of a multi-functional single tag - since it may be used both for fashion and identification purposes.

There is a wide range of reasons you should get a single military dog tag. You may want to use it as an identification tag or to highlight an outfit - own a multi-functional accessory that has low maintenance or simply be a trend setter. If you consider purchasing one, the easiest option is to find an online store.

There are many online stores available but only a few can provide you with a wide variety of quality tags to choose from. This is a good site for Military dog tags, so look no further!

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