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One of Many Great Testimonials:
I received my order within 3 days even though I live on the other side of the country! I couldn't be happier with the dog tags I ordered. I honestly was expecting them to be very thin and flimsy due to the low price but wow was I surprised. They are top notch quality. The embossing is flawless! I got my tags in black and they are STUNNING. If anyone is wondering whether or not to purchase from this company, do yourself a favor and DO IT. This company is the real deal in regards to everything from quality and price to shipping and customer service. Thumbs up across the board. Keep up the great work!

Thank you,
Lila, New Jersey

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Drop Shipping

Custom Military Dog Tags is the world's foremost dog tag distributor, Hands Down!  We've made custom dog tags for all sorts of major operations: Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, All Special Ops, Boy Scouts of America, LAPD, NYPD, Dallas PD and SWAT, FDNY, Playstation, XBOX, Sony... You name it, we've done it!

Not only are the the world's most prolific retail and custom project custom dog tag manufacturer, we are the the most trusted and used dog tag drop shipper!

You can trust us to get your order, make it the same day, and ship it the same day. We keep you happy, so you can keep your customers happy!

Below are some specifics about our dog tag drop shipping program.

The first thing you need to realize is that we make things as easy as possible for you. Drop shipping dog tags doesn't have to be complicated, and we make sure that it is not!

The Product:

On our retail website, we offer everything dog tags related. We offer doubles, singles, extra chains, and extra silencers. Even though we offer all of these things, we want you to be successful and to have an easy process. With that in mind, we suggest that you only offer the standard double set of tags on your website. Our experience shows that the standard double set is what sells 94% of the time, and it is the most profitable item for you to sell. We do not drop ship chains or silencers alone. Don't worry about these items. Your customers will be happy to purchase a full set of custom dog tags which come with the needed chains and silencers.

So as a drop ship customer, you would sell the standard double set of dog tags on your site. The standard dog tag set contains two custom tags, two chains, and two silencers in a small plastic bag.

1) We offer three different tag styles:
Matte Stainless Steel (military spec), http://custommilitarydogtags.com/products/Stainless-Steel-Dog-Tags.html
Black epoxy on stainless steel (epoxy on tags never chips or wears, very tough), http://custommilitarydogtags.com/products/Black-Dog-Tags.html
Shiny stainless steel (steel is coated and buffed to a high gloss shine).  http://custommilitarydogtags.com/products/Shiny-Stainless-Steel-Dog-Tags.html

Feel free to offer all three, or any combination.  Our black dog tags come with black epoxy chains. They look really sharp, but the black coating can wear over time and extended use.  We have had a few complaints about this, but it is a normal thing, just like tire tread wears over time and use.

2) Along with the three different tag options, we offer many different silencer colors for customers to choose from. Here are the colors we offer:
black, red, gray, white, blue, yellow, pink, purple, lime green, green, clear, orange, urban camo, desert camo, acu camo, woodland camo, patriotic, rainbow, glow blue, glow pink, glow green, glow yellow.  You can offer all or a few of these.

Our most popular tags are stainless steel, and the runner up is black.  Our most popular silencers are black and all camos. To keep it easy, I would recommend only allowing black silencers.

       - Product Note:

The stainless steel dog tag is military spec. Your military customers can order dog tags from you and know that they are authorized to wear in uniform.

       - Customization Restrictions:

Our machines are official military dog tag machines, with that, we do have limitationsEach tag holds a max of 5 lines, and 15 characters per lines, spaces count as a character.  So on our site, and I would suggest the same for you, we have 10 different text lines for customers to fill out. 5 lines for each of the two tags. You can see what I mean here: http://custommilitarydogtags.com/products/Shiny-Stainless-Steel-Dog-Tags.html

We also have a script that only allows a max of 15 characters per line to be input in the field.  Also, all characters are in CAPS.

If you send us an order with text that is over 15 characters per line, we can not make it. The orders you send us MUST have 15 or less characters per line. Simple enough.

With our military spec embossing machine there are also character limitations. Here is the list of characters that are allowd for emossing: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 - / , & . ' ( ) = : # + ! ? @ $ < * % ~


When you drop ship with us, we include free shipping, with a tracking number, via USPS First Class Mail. Now, if you want expidited shipping, such as over-night or priority, we can do that, just let us know. We do not use UPS or Fedex, the price of the dog tags is so low that those shipping options would cost way too much.

When you order by 3pm CST, your order is guaranteed to be made and mailed that day, with the exception of weekends and national holidays.

How To Order:

Initially, we prefer you to take the order, then come to our site and place the order with the proper name and shipping info. At that point, you would use your special discount code that we give you, that way no one owes the other, and there is no A/R or A/P involved. Once you reach $100/month in volume, we will allow you to email your order to us, and we will bill you at the end of the month for orders shipped.

Pricing / Details:

We can drop ship each set of tags for $8.00 USD each, including shipping and tracking number with USPS. We will obviously use your return address and package promotional material if you wish. Returns are never an issue, by the way.  We print exactly what the customer gives us, and there is no dispute. If for some reason a mistake is made, we will keep it simple and just re send the tags all on our side. That way no more credits/ debits or any other transactions will take place between us. We like to keep it simple.


When you become a drop ship customer, feel free to download and use our tag pictures and our on product page setup. We've found our product page setup to be the best and easiest for our customers to understand and execute.

What We Need From You:
Getting started is easy. All we need from you is your order! We need to know what color of tags, color of silencers, desired text to be stamped into the tags, and a shipping address and name.


Make Money $$$:

This is an excellent value and can be a huge profit center for your business! Actually, it is ALL PROFIT FOR YOUR BUSINESS! You place an order when you get an order! You never have to touch the product, we do it all for you! We sell our dog tags for $12 or $13 per set, all day long. You can sell them for $12 or $20, it is up to you.  The point is, you are at no risk here, you can only MAKE MONEY!!!

I hope you'll consider this huge opportunity to partner with the industry's best, CustomMilitaryDogTags.com

If you have any questions, concerns, or are ready to get started, shoot me an email or give me a call, I'll be glad to hear from you!

Thank You,

Klint Newton

Owner - CustomMilitaryDogTags.com

service @custommilitarydogtags.com


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