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I received my order within 3 days even though I live on the other side of the country! I couldn't be happier with the dog tags I ordered. I honestly was expecting them to be very thin and flimsy due to the low price but wow was I surprised. They are top notch quality. The embossing is flawless! I got my tags in black and they are STUNNING. If anyone is wondering whether or not to purchase from this company, do yourself a favor and DO IT. This company is the real deal in regards to everything from quality and price to shipping and customer service. Thumbs up across the board. Keep up the great work!

Thank you,
Lila, New Jersey

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Dog Tags For Men

Dog Tags For Men

Now you can get Real Military dog tags! These dog tags for men can be customized to say anything you want them to say. If you are looking for a set of dog tags, or a dog tag, don't settle for what other stores have, get what you want!  You want custom dog tags, that's exactly what we offer. Buying them from us couldn't be easier. Just select the type of tag you want, then enter your customized text, then select the color of silencer you want. Simple. Get your dog tags here, now!


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People have been wearing dog tags for years. The US Military started wearing a form of dog tags in the late 1800s. Now, people do not have to be in the military to get their own set of custom dog tags.



Whether it's for guys from the military, their friends and family who want to show their support, or just tough guys with hardcore personalities, custom dog tags for men are an awesome way to show off a guy's manliness.



Stainless steel tags can really give off a sense of toughness and a boost of confidence to a man when he's out on the town or in the club. Dog tags can be worn practically anywhere; whether you are hanging out at the beach, watching the game with the guys, or going down-town for the night. These tags are a great look no matter where you are. Chicks are attracted to strong guys, and wearing a nice set of personalized dog tags lets her know she's found a bad dude. If you've been working hard in the gym, there's no better way to catch her eye than with a pair of military stainless steel hanging off your neck.



There's no shortage of uses for a good set of dog tags: as a personalized necklace, key chain, id tag for your luggage or cases, pet tags, the list goes on! Personalized tags make a great gift for friends, family and loved ones. The tags are completely customizable. You can feel free to personalize them with any information you want. Most importantly, dog tags represent a symbol of support and respect for our soldiers. Dog tags pay tribute to the troops who risk their lives to ensure our freedom and protect our liberties as Americans. So if you're looking to add a bit of toughness to your style, you have check out these stainless steel, military style dog tags.



We make tags for people all day, every day. We used to only make them for men, but now we make them for women, kids, grandparents, anyone! Whether it is for the military, church groups, sports teams, boy/girl friends, ... People love custom dog tags!



Who wouldn't? Your name can actually be stamped into the metal and worn or displayed. We make dog tags for the military! So, when you get them from us, you are getting real, military spec dog tags! One of these days, the military might not let us keep making dog tags for people that are not in the military, but that hasn't happened yet, so don't wait to get your dog tags!

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