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One of Many Great Testimonials:
I received my order within 3 days even though I live on the other side of the country! I couldn't be happier with the dog tags I ordered. I honestly was expecting them to be very thin and flimsy due to the low price but wow was I surprised. They are top notch quality. The embossing is flawless! I got my tags in black and they are STUNNING. If anyone is wondering whether or not to purchase from this company, do yourself a favor and DO IT. This company is the real deal in regards to everything from quality and price to shipping and customer service. Thumbs up across the board. Keep up the great work!

Thank you,
Lila, New Jersey

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Legit Dog Tags

We recently received an amazing email from a past customer. This is what he had to say:

"Got the dog tags and they are awesome! High quality just like when I was in the Navy and SUPER FAST shipping! I ordered a set from a discount site and they came and were a printout sticker on the top of a dog tag. These are legit, though. Thanks a TON!"  Anthony King - Lancaster, California


I'm not surprised. So many people have ordered from other websites, only to find out that they are not getting real, military dog tags.  When you order from us, that is exactly what you are getting, because that is all we do! We don't do engraving, or stamp out tags that look like crap on some super old, cheap machine.


We supply military members with dog tags. It can't get any more real than that!  Our customer, Anthony, bought tags from some website, and they sent hime dog tags with stickers on them! What the !*(#(@&!)


How mad would you be if you ordered what you thought were going to be real, military dog tags, and opened the package and there were crappy toys with stickers on them!  We don't do that. We always make the real deal.


So, if you've come here looking for the real deal in military dog tags, take it from Anthony, you've come to the right place! www.CustomMilitaryDogTags.com

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